Happiness in challenging times?

We all need each other, and all of us are looking for happiness during this challenging time.  Especially now, during this time of quarantine. I have been taking a break from writing posts on social media. But I’ve come to realize that I need you, and I hope that I can help you through this connection. So, I am getting back in the saddle again. I want to share with you what brings happiness into my life right now.

Pets bring happiness to all.

I have my 3 dogs.  They are little dogs, all weighing in around 20 lbs.  Balto – with his tuxedo-like markings has a signature pug curly black tail, and chihuahua head and ears. He is the clear alpha and a doting husband to his wife, Sandy, with her white terrier/Shih Tzu fur that seems like a wedding dress to Balto’s tuxedo. About 10 years ago, Balto and Sandy had two sets of five puppies.  I kept one son and named him Jack.  He is a mixture of his parents but has a tan coat that is the texture of Balto’s. He has longer legs which means he is taller than his parents but has the stocky body of a pug without the curly tail. His ears are typical Chihuahua. When I sit down to watch TV I put a blanket on my lap and that is the signal for them to join me for some R&R while we watch TV together. They all jump up one at a time and demand their individual time to be pet and told how good they are. This brings them happiness. Jack sits snuggled up on my left side because he is the biggest.  Balto sits half on my lap with his paws draped over the right-side arm of the couch. Sandy comea and snuggles for a while, but will then settle on top of my legs. The blanket makes a nice nest for her to curl up in. It gives me great comfort and happiness to have my dogs.  I hope that you have something that gives you happiness during this challenging time.  I would love to hear what that is. All the best and stay safe, Diana Resources: How to find happiness within