Why Everyone Should Examine Tires Monthly In all 50 States, the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) driver trainer books recommend that we examine our tires monthly. I have a graph that shows each state that mentions what to do, or some states actually cover how to examine tires monthly in the back of my book in Appendix F. (To purchase your own copy of my book, CLICK HERE.) So why don’t we examine tires monthly?  For me, I remember being a mother of small children and running from one activity to the next having no clue to think about checking my tires.  I took it for granted that they would always be there for me. I can remember going to a museum with some family and friends and coming out to my station wagon and someone mentioning to me that my tires had become so warn that steel was starting to show through the rubber!  Now that is a worn tire! On my travels across the 50 states in 2018, I met other people like me that had not noticed their tires.  It’s important to examine tires monthly because so many of the states have gotten rid of their car safety inspections. There are only 13 out of the 50 states that still have annual car safety inspections. (See Appendix D in my book- The Tire Mom: My Highway to Healing.) Different states may still have yearly emission tests but that does not involve the inspection of the car or the tires. And that means that the responsibility of the workings of the car are upon us as vehicle owners. The photo on this page is one example of a worn tire that I was able to replace on my trip. I hope that it doesn’t take a wakeup call like I had with the steel coming through the tires or the death of a loved one to bring you to an understanding of how important it is to examine tires monthly. If you do not know how to check your tires then ask your tire technician to look at them for you. Please check your tires monthly! Stay safe, Diana Hubner – The Tire Mom
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