After my husband’s death, I became the one that had to help my daughters with their decisions on their cars.  So, I had a steep learning curve.

 One of my daughters needed a car to go to college, so we set out and did a lot of test driving.

After she decided on a car, we were talking with the salesman about the tires.  All four tires had the same date of the week and year (the Tire Halo). We wanted to know what the mileage for the tires was.  He came back with ‘they are new’. 

I said, yes, I know that they are new but I want to know what the mileage for these tires are.  I was pretty insistent and determined to gather all the information I needed to make sure my daughter was going to be safe.  I also wanted her to have the information that she needed to keep track of her tires.

 The salesman came back with a photo copy of the tires that came with the car which stated they were 40,000 mile tires.  Tire mileage can range from 30,000 miles to 100,000 with today’s tires.  Knowing and recording this information is key for safety and understanding your warranties.  You do not want to ask more of your tires than they can give. Know your numbers!

 Another daughter came up to Rochester for a visit, I did not like her tires and since she drives a lot, I offered to get her a new set of tires.  The store that we dealt with was very informative and we got 100,000 mile tires.

 Knowing the mileage on your tires can give you a great sense of comfort.

 Stay safe,

Diana – The Tire Mom

Tire Mileage Life – What You Need to Know