My sticker that I would give to friends that wanted one.

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I hope all of you completed yesterday’s

“assignment” to check the “Tire Halo” on your vehicles’ tires. If you haven’t

done that, promise you will before tomorrow’s post? It’s that important.

With that done, we’re ready to retrace the journey I took to spread the

word about tire safety.

  Now, when most of us are going on a trip, we pack the car, map out

the route, make hotel or campground reservations …

Yeah, well, the Tire Mom Mission was no ordinary trip. I started out

with an old Volkswagen on a flatbed trailer, and I had only one plan: to see if tire and car dealers would recognize old tires.

I didn’t get far with that agenda. Really? Hauling that trailer on back

roads and mountain highways?

What did work was my trusty 2009 Suburban and a new goal: to find

one person or family in each state who for whatever reason was in need of a

new set of tires – and perhaps didn’t even know it.

Mind you, I’d never done much traveling alone, and certainly not in 4

loops around the mainland United States and Alaska and Hawaii. And as I’ve

shared with you in an earlier post, I wasn’t in a strong season of my life. Six

years after my husband’s death, I was still grieving deeply, still moved to tears

at seemingly random times. Was I emotionally ready?

That didn’t matter because I had a mission. First stop: Williamsburg,

Virginia where my dear friend Marcia lived. Not too far out of my comfort zone,

and hopefully a good place to discover whether this truly was my mission – or

if it was going to be an epic fail.

 If you’re ready to roll tomorrow, I’ll take you there.

And if you want to comment today, please do! I would love to hear

what kinds of seemingly outlandish missions you’ve been called to.

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner, the Tire Mom