Gimli in NY

Welcome back to Tire Mom! As I’ve told you, my original plan was to pull my VW bug on a trailer (with my Suburban – that’s 3 vehicles – count them!) to see if the tire technicians would recognize the old tires, as well as learn all I could about tire safety. I even mastered all the ins and outs of hooking up the trailer, driving Barracuda (the VW) onto it and securing him in place.

Sold Barracuda to Annabel

That meant selling Barracuda, and my friend Debra has a daughter that had always wanted a Volkswagen Beetle. Annabel became Tire Mom Recipient #3, but I couldn’t in good conscience sell the VW to her with the mismatched tires I’d put on it for my fact-finding mission, nor could I just put the original tires back on and call it good. Annabel got a great little car with four new “shoes,” and Barracuda got a good home.

At Niagara Falls with my friend Melissa

If you want to leave a comment – and I hope you do – when was the last time you thought – and moved – outside the box … even with the protests of others ringing in your ears? I hope that worked out for you.

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner, The Tire Mom