Me, David and his son

Welcome back to Tire Mom! My next stop was Massachusetts where I visited with David, one of my late husband’s roommates from college. He wasn’t an intended tire recipient, and at first we talked about one of my favorite topics – Family History. He even helped me find some family members in census records.  

Eventually the conversation turned to my passion project, and David was as fascinated by that as I was by his knowledge of genealogy. Nothing else would do now – he had to look at his tires.

His Tire Halo: 2017.

That and a good burger with David and his son filled me.

I think these unexpected opportunities to educate – and be educated – were some of my favorite parts of the tire journey. I was learning to be open to those, and not be afraid to waver from the basic plan.

Beautiful flowers in David’s garden

If you want to comment – and I hope you do –will you tell us whether you’re a Planner, or more of a Pantser (figure it out by the seat of your pants) or a little of both, which make you a Plantser? Being true to how you naturally approach things is essential to the journey. Feel free to be true here!  

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner, The Tire Mom