Welcome back to Tire Mom! My determination to get back home by June 17 took me down to Georgia to meet two potential tire recipients. Destination? Clayton County. I am not making this up. Feeling very sure about this stop I met with both of my potential Georgia recipients – and discovered they had healthy tires from 2016 as far as I could tell but I am NO expert.

I don’t want to say I was disappointed. They were safe on the roads, after all. But who was I going to gift with tires? I’d exhausted my Georgia contacts.

Time to let God take over. 

The idea came to me to Google a membership warehouse club and simply go to one. I had four stores to pick from and I decide the one on the Northeast corner of Atlanta – in five o’clock traffic, no less. (I don’t recommend that!) Almost as soon as I entered the store, I got the feeling that it wasn’t quite time. What it was time for was dinner. Salad here I come.

By then I was operating on pure God-instinct. That had to be why when I returned to the tire section of the store, a young Peruvian woman came in with what had to be her parents, and daughter. Was she the one?

Through translation and hesitation about my offer, Raquel accepted. Still, she wanted to know my story. Why was I doing this?

What happened when I told her is the topic of tomorrow’s post. 

In the meantime, if you want to leave a comment – and as always, I hope you do – will you tell us about a time when there was nothing for you to do but ask God to lead you and then just go for it? I hope God leads you to come back tomorrow for the rest of the story!

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner