At the Atlanta, GA Temple

Welcome back to Tire Mom and the continuing story of recipient #7, Raquel. When I left you yesterday, I’d just told this young Peruvian woman the basic story of Clayton’s accident and my mission to buy a set of tires for someone in every state. 

To say that she was shocked is an understatement. Most people are at least sympathetic, but she went beyond that as she scrolled through her phone with shaking fingers and showed me a photograph. On the screen was a picture of a badly wrecked vehicle. I held my breath.

Raquel explained that her brother had survived that accident, but two of his friends had not. Her brother had been calling her daily – from Peru – urging her to check her tires and buy new ones if they weren’t safe.

That was all well and good, but Raquel wasn’t flush with funds. She was going to have to put her four new tires on her credit card and probably pay for them throughout the year. 

Does it get any better than buying someone like Raquel something that was both necessary and a financial burden? Actually, it does. Not long after that, my new friend posted the story of my gift on Facebook, written in her precious newly-learned English. 

Do I believe in coincidence? Not anymore. God’s hand? Most definitely.

If you want to leave a comment, and I hope you do, will you tell us about a time when you experienced a Divine Appointment? I consider your being here just such a meeting.

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner