Loop 1- Tire Mom #1 VA

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Today we begin the actual retracing of my 50-state journey to educate people about tire safety … among other things. I officially began the journey on April 4, 2018. The mileage on my Suburban, who I’d named Wolverine, was 120,640. The temperature was a warm 42 degrees Fahrenheit. (I‘m obviouslyContinue reading “Loop 1- Tire Mom #1 VA”

What is a Tire Halo? Why you need to know this information!

Before we embark on a replay of my 50-state journey as Tire Mom With a Mission, let me introduce you to some essential facts. If you never read another word of my blog (although I hope you do!), please read these.

Bye Bye Old Tires – Why changing your tires could save your life.

The title “Tire Mom” probably needs some explanation. In December 2018, I completed my solo road trip to visit all 50 states and purchase a set of safe tires for one family or individual in each one. It was an amazing journey, and I want to share it with you in this blog series.