Gimli Welcomes you to Alabama

Welcome back to Tire Mom! As I made the beautiful, serene drive from Atlanta, GA, to Birmingham, AL, I was also riding on the Raquel experience. Finding her in the tire store was a Divine Encounter, and I was hoping for another one. I knew by now that I was truly listening. 

Since the hang-out-in-a-warehouse-tire-store approach had worked so well in Georgia, and because I didn’t have an appointment in Alabama, I repeated that. This time, as soon as I entered I started chatting with people. That was becoming easier – not that talking has ever been exactly hard for me!

One couple I spoke with appreciated the information about how to read the dates on their tires, but they felt I could find someone with more need than they had. Yeah, from then on when I hear someone say people are innately selfish, I at least think, You are SO wrong.

I sat down and waited and watched. It wasn’t long before a young woman came in with an adorable toddler. While she was wonderfully attentive to the little one, I could see a little stress on her face. I’d seen that look in the mirror years before: new stay at home mom, exhausted to the bone, and hard pressed to meet the budget. 

I, of course, introduced myself, and she told me her name was Becca. She was indeed worried. It had been raining and she and her husband were concerned about how worn their tires were. They’d decided to scrape something out of their tight funds to buy a new set.  She became Tire Mom #8.

Me, Ty and Becca

While we were telling the tire salesman what she wanted, she got a phone call from her husband. “I’ll have to call you back.”

Some of the weight had been lifted from their shoulders, and in turn, I felt lighter too. 

Birmingham, AL Temple

If you want to comment, and I hope you do, will you tell us about a time when someone took even a piece of the burden from your back? Is it time to do the same for someone else? We’d love to hear about both.

Me at Vulcan Park with the largest cast iron statue in the world!

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner