Gimli Welcomes you to Graceland, TN

Welcome back to Tire Mom! As I continued Loop 3 with my internal GPS pointing me toward home for June 17, I had to stop and visit Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. I mean, really, could you resist that?

Waiting outside Elvis’s House
Elvis’s Grave and Memorial

From there it was on to Nashville where I simply planted myself in line at a tire store and waited. That was becoming my M.O. when I didn’t have a recipient already lined up.

I struck up a conversation with the woman in front of me – because I just do that – and told her what I was about. She introduced herself as Julia, and the kindness in her eyes as I briefly related the story of Clayton told me she was my next Tire Mom (#9) 

Julia and Me

When I make my offer, people always react in a big way, but Julia took it over the top. Shocked, excited, brimming over with lottery-winning emotion, she started a mini-mission to let everyone in the store know what I was doing. People seemed to crawl out of the stacks of tires to gather around, exclaim, ask questions.

I was overwhelmed.

It wasn’t just the attention that bothered me. I told them: This is a trip of healing. I’m not ready to make it a public journey.

Not yet. 

Nashville Temple

If you want to post a comment, and I hope you do, can you tell us about a time when someone – or several someones – wanted you to go big with an idea that was still private? (For example, You should make a bunch of those adorable baby blankets you’re knitting for your new grandchild and sell them on Etsy …) Your secret is safe with us!

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner