Gimli Welcomes you to Ohio

Welcome back to Tire Mom! You ready for Ohio? My drive there was reassuring because I had a tire recipient all lined up. No hanging out in a warehouse store this time!

We went to the Air Force Museum in Dayton, OH

This was the end of Loop 3, and I had what they call “channel fever.” The ship’s captain wants to speed up as the harbor comes into view, just when he needs to slow down. Fortunately, my new friend Maura was patient with me while she connected me with Janet, Tire Mom #10.

Me, Janet and Maura

Can I just say that I had never seen anyone who needed new tires more than Janet? Hers were so worn I could see the metal showing. THAT is worn. So there was no question that we were buying a set of four – but wait… there’s more.

When we got to the counter to pay for said tires, the clerk had overheard me telling my story – a set for someone in each of the 50 states – and she was ready to join in. She rang up the tires and added road hazard protection for two of them – free of charge.  For the tire novice, that means Janet was covered for damage incurred during the course of normal driving on a road maintained by state or local authority from puncture, bruise or impact. If she had a run-in with nails, glass or potholes, she wouldn’t have to pay for the repairs. 

Yes. Compassion is contagious.

Finding Peace and Strength Each Visit

If you want to comment today, and we hope you do, will you tell us about a time when you were on the receiving end of unexpected generosity? I’d love to fill the comment box with stories of reassurance that there are many, many good people in the world.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner