Gimli Welcomes You to New Hampshire!

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Just when I thought I had this tire thing down, I learned something new – in Lebanon, New Hampshire. 

Candi, my Tire Mom #11, picked out her store, and we met there on a warm morning in July. The technician went out of his way to be helpful.   Once he knew what I was about, he showed me another way to be certain people are buying the right tires.

Candi and Me

You can check this out on your own vehicle. Inside the door on the driver’s side, you’ll find a label that indicates what air pressure and size that is best for your car or truck.

Summer 2014 with Camilla, Me and Gerrit- Hiked Pinkham Notch to Top of Mt. Washington, NH

When you think about it, there are many things in life that shouldn’t be mismatched. If you want to comment, can you think of a mismatch in your life that hasn’t worked out for you? I hope there have been only a few.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner