Gimli Welcomes you to Maine

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but one of my abiding principles on my journey to buy a set of tires for someone in each of the 50 states to promote tire safety was to take care of family first, and then friends and finally friends of friends. If all those were exhausted with no recipient, I’d park myself in the tire department of a large warehouse store until I was led to the right person.

Paul, Nephew Daniel, Me
Aaaahhh Lobster

In Maine that July of 2018, I was able to gift tires to a family member, which I loved. Paul – Tire Mom #12 – and Katherine are part of my extended family (of which there are numerous cousins!). They had just bought a new car in the last year and didn’t need new tires, but when the snows came – as they invariably do in that neck of the woods – they’d need snow tires. 

I gave them a gift certificate to purchase them in the fall, which they were delighted to receive. Good times all around – especially over lobster dinner with the sun setting over the harbor. I mean, really, you can’t go to Maine without that experience, right?

A Maine Sunset!

If you want to post a comment, and we here on Tire Mom always hope you do, will you tell us about a gift you’ve received or given that couldn’t be enjoyed until a later time? Swimsuit in February? Jacket on sale in July? The possibilities are endless.

Portland Head Light at Cape Elizabeth, Maine

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner