Gimli Welcomes you to RI

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Imagine July 24 in Rhode Island, a place where I knew no one. Not even a friend of a friend of a friend.  

But I was nothing if not resourceful by then, so I contacted a few of the Bishops of my Church, one of whom talked with the Relief Society President to see if she knew of anyone in need. There had to be somebody, surely.

Elizabeth and wonderful children, Me

When he called me back, I knew this was another one of those right place, right time things. The President herself had been saving for a set of tires. Hence, Tire Mom #13, Elizabeth.

She and her four wonderful children met me at the tire store where she had gone to have her car serviced before and knew the salesman at the desk. Whether it was that previous acquaintance or the fact that this guy was an absolute prince among men, I don’t know. But when he discovered the store only had 3 of the 4 tires she needed, he not only called around to other stores to locate one … he drove to that other store ON HIS LUNCH BREAK to pick it up for her. 

I hope that kind of selflessness isn’t rare. I for one was completely reassured that there are many, many good people in this world.

Yummy Lunch!

If you want to post a comment, and I hope you do, will you tell us about a selfless act that was done for you? Many of our examples may seem small to the giver, but they mean everything in that moment to us who receive.

Fun Times in RI

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner

So Good!

P.S. The food at the Clam Shack was delicious!