Gimli Welcomes you to Delaware

When I headed for Wilmington, Delaware, I didn’t have a tire recipient lined up, so I contacted the Bishop. I was impressed that he wanted to check my references to make sure I was the real deal. These are cautious times, and as a woman traveling alone, I got where he was coming from. 

Me, Debbie and Friend

He even talked to my Tire Mom #16 before I met her, just to assure her I was on the up and up. When you consider the situation, it must be at least a little disconcerting to have someone call you and offer to meet you at a store and buy you a new set of tires. I myself would be a tad suspicious. Debbie, however, took me (and the Bishop) at my word and graciously accepted her new role as Tire Mom #16.

As you’ve gathered by now if you’re following the Tire Mom journey, I always tried to take in some of what a state had to offer. That gave a richness and texture to the trip, which I found at the Delaware Art Museum. Yes, I did the tourist thing and bought postcards and magnets and stickers from every state, and they have the best ones in the museums. (I was becoming a souvenir connoisseur.) 

Wonderful Museum!!!

But it was what I saw in the garden next to the museum that touch me to my core: an exquisite piece of sculpture named “The Crying Giant.” It was made after 9/11 to speak of loss and sadness.

Tom Otterness’ Statue “Crying Giant”

If you want to post a comment, and I do hope you will, tell us about a time when something offered to you seemed too good to be true. How did that work out for you? May all the gifts you receive be the genuine article.

Stay Safe, Diana Hubner