Gimli Welcomes you to New Jersey

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Today I want to clear up any stereotypical ideas about New Jersey. It’s an awesome place! You’ve got Ellis Island, Liberty State Park, the Jersey Shore. . . 

Ellis Island and I found some of my family that came through:)

And my Tire Mom #17. Actually I should say Moms, plural. I met Mike and Mike (I’m not making that up) as I was standing in line at a warehouse tire department early in the morning. We got to talking … like I do … and I discovered younger Mike was between jobs. Who hasn’t been there from time to time? Older Mike, his dad, was there to help out with the purchase. 

Me, Mike and Mike


Me and Lady Liberty

In addition to receiving a new set of tires, Mike and Mike got the best of what I had to offer in terms of information about reading the halo. As for me, I was doubly blessed by a grateful son and his equally thankful father. 

Wonderful Walk

If you want to post a comment – and please do – tell us about a time when something generous you did blessed you right back. There are few things better than a win-win situation.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner