Gimli Welcomes you to Maryland

In Baltimore, Maryland, I broke a record for speed at locating a tire recipient in a warehouse store. It was as if Jennifer, my Tire Mom #18, was just standing in line waiting for me. I also reached my goal of visiting four states in one week!!! Ah, would that it were always that easy.

Me and Jennifer

And quickness was good, because I was then off to spend time with daughter Celesta. On my way to Celesta’s, I visited the National Aquarium and, snapped some photo opts of Gimli at one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants in Baltimore. (I was enjoying eating my way across America!)


My stay there also turned out to be a good time to organize travel receipts and keepsakes into folders so I didn’t end up with a confused tumble of same when my trip was over. Doing that made me realize how real the journey was. 

Me, Number 1 Daughter

If you want to post a comment, which I hope you do, will you tell us about a time when regrouping, organizing, setting up a system helped you understand your big picture? Do share, because in that area, most of us can use all the help we can get!

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner