Gimli Welcomes you to Indiana

Welcome back to Tire Mom! From Louisville, Kentucky, I drove to Indianapolis, Indiana. Can you already hear the race cars roaring around the track?

First, I went to a membership warehouse to find a tire recipient, and I discovered Meera. Let me just say first that I was feeling a little down. As you can imagine, it was still hard adjusting to life without my husband. Which is why Meera ended up giving me far more than I gave her.

Me and Meera

Yeah, a set of tires is a valuable gift, and Meera was grateful. But as we talked, she shared the story of her life before she came to America from her native land, where hardships were the norm. She explained that even after arriving in the U.S. she found the adjustment difficult. Wisely, she told me, “Pain can make you stronger.”

So Cool!

A gift indeed. I was able to go off to explore the Indy 500 Speedway with a lighter heart (especially since Meera was the one who suggested it). Let me tell you, even though I spent most of my time in the gift shop, buying the obligatory postcards and magnets, I could still hear those race cars screaming around the track. It’s a sound like no other.

Gardens at the Indiana Temple
Majestic Indiana Temple

If you want to leave a comment – please do! – tell us about a time when a meeting with a perfect stranger had an impact on you. I hope it felt like a divine appointment. Mine certainly did.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner