Mercy Miles in MI

Gimli Welcomes You to Michigan

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I’ve posted so many instances of my buying tires for people – 21 times, in fact – and they were all wonderful moments.  But my gift to Tire Mom #22 was especially memorable, and here’s why.

University of Michigan

First, Gene himself. He was one of those rare, selfless people whose every thought, word and deed seemed to be for other people. Pastor of his own church, Gene also carved out time to help at-risk boys – of which there are unfortunately plenty – and feed the homeless in a soup kitchen. Some folks pointed me to him, and to his truck which had traveled many a mission-of-mercy mile.

Me and Gene
Sun Rays

So can you imagine what it felt like to buy a brand new set of tires for someone who is always on the giving end? I don’t know about you, but I LOVE knowing there are folks like that in our world. 

Me, Maureen and Doug
The House of the Lord in Michigan

If you want to post a comment – which, of course, I hope you do – will you tell us about a truly selfless person you’ve come across? Who knows – maybe it’s you? 

Iconic Landmark near Detroit

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner

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  1. While the Tire Mom was being an angel and blessing the lives of others with the gift of tires and safety, she was also blessing my life.
    I was going through a dark time in my life. A Dark Night of the Soul, as St John of the Cross called it. The Tire Mom would reach out to me with a phone call as she was winding her way from state to state, often calling me at a critical time. She helped me spiritually and emotionally to travel safely, further down my road of life.

    I too am grateful to Tire Mom!

    Recipient #51

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