Welcome to Chicago, IL

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I spent part of my childhood in Chicago, Illinois, (are you getting the sense that my life has been somewhat nomadic?) so it was fun to go back there. 

Me and Cousin Joann
Favorite Restaurant in Chicago Area

Interesting, though. Despite my years there and the friends I still had, I didn’t have an appointment lined up with a tire recipient. Fortunately, it was becoming easier to hang out in a warehouse store tire department and wait to be led to the next Tire Mom.

Me and Paula

Paula was #23. Unlike some of the people I’d bought for, she knew how dangerous it was for her to continue driving on her unsafe tires. I was able to not only give her a tangible gift, but a more abstract one: peace of mind. It was beautiful.

In fact, it was almost every bit as gorgeous as some of the sculptures I took in at the Chicago Institute of Art. Between those kinds of experiences and the wondrous moments I’d spent in nature and in the Temple on my trip, I was seeing that there is beauty everywhere. We need only look.

Chicago, Illinois Temple

If you want to post a comment – please do! – why not tell us about your last beautiful moment, when you were stunned by the art, the natural wonder, the sense of the miraculous. We can all use far more of that.

Nauvoo, Illinois Temple
Sign on the way to the Mississippi River

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner