Gimli Welcomes You to Wisconsin

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Wisconsin was another one of those home states for me. Clayton and I lived near Milwaukee for a time, so of course I had good friends there. Through that wonderful gift of degrees of separation, I met Laurel, Tire Mom #24. 

Me and Laurel

Whether it was because I was becoming more confident about questioning tire technicians or it was just grace – or maybe both – I don’t know, but buying tires for Laurel was one of the smoothest transactions on my journey. I had so much free time we went and got some ice cream:)

Gimli at the Harley Museum
Learned how to shift on a stationary bike:)

Harley-Davidson Museum! It shouldn’t surprise you that I was into that. I was finding myself more and more fascinated by how vehicles get us down the road safely. There is no more vulnerable one than a motorcycle. So, bikers, wear your helmets – and check those tires.

Awesome Food at Maders

If you want to comment – you know you do – when lately have you been surprised by how easily a dreaded or anxiety-ridden transaction went? Sometimes the worry we put into the anticipation is far worse than the event itself. I hope that in hindsight, you find yours laughable.

Classic Wisconsin Custard

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner