Gimli Welcomes You to Missouri

Welcome back to Tire Mom! There was something a little bit surreal about my St. Louis, Missouri, purchase. This was Angela, Tire Mom #25. 

Me, Angela and Becky-One of those generous Moms

I was halfway through. 

Such a cool ride up in the elevator

Who knew – least of all me – that I could travel to 25 states, buy 25 sets of tires and meet 25+ amazing people? And that’s the thing: they were all so not-average. I’d encountered selfless men and women. Generous moms and dads. Young people just starting their adult lives with their souls full of a desire to make change happen for the better. Twenty-five.

Me at the top.
Small window so you can look down

And I wasn’t done yet. Twenty-five more to go! I got this:)

Looking down and East out that small window at the top of the Arch.
Looking down and West out that small window at the top of the Arch.

If you want to post – do it! – tell us in what area you’re halfway “there.” In life? (you’re in your forties) In your spiritual journey (we’re never quite done in this earthly leg of it). In a goal you’ve set for yourself? (that book, that weight loss, that veggie garden) Once you’ve shared with us, please celebrate. You’re worth it.

Wonderful sign at a wonderful dinner!

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner