Half Way in MO

Gimli Welcomes You to Missouri

Welcome back to Tire Mom! There was something a little bit surreal about my St. Louis, Missouri, purchase. This was Angela, Tire Mom #25. 

Me, Angela and Becky-One of those generous Moms

I was halfway through. 

Such a cool ride up in the elevator

Who knew – least of all me – that I could travel to 25 states, buy 25 sets of tires and meet 25+ amazing people? And that’s the thing: they were all so not-average. I’d encountered selfless men and women. Generous moms and dads. Young people just starting their adult lives with their souls full of a desire to make change happen for the better. Twenty-five.

Me at the top.
Small window so you can look down

And I wasn’t done yet. Twenty-five more to go! I got this:)

Looking down and East out that small window at the top of the Arch.
Looking down and West out that small window at the top of the Arch.

If you want to post – do it! – tell us in what area you’re halfway “there.” In life? (you’re in your forties) In your spiritual journey (we’re never quite done in this earthly leg of it). In a goal you’ve set for yourself? (that book, that weight loss, that veggie garden) Once you’ve shared with us, please celebrate. You’re worth it.

Wonderful sign at a wonderful dinner!

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner         


  1. Hi there Diana! I am just catching up on your blog! Been away here and there… I love to read your experiences and see the pictures! You are one of a kind that is for sure! I know Clayton is up there beaming (with my dad) to see you make such a difference in peoples lives. When reading this it came to my mind, that not only I need to check my tires halo ( and yes, I did ,we really need new ones! So glad I checked ) But also our spiritual halos need some checking every now and then… they might need an overhaul…in the form of maybe spending more time with loved ones, having good wholesome conversations with a friend, or more personal time, pondering, temple visits, new goals, sharing of a testimony, soul searching or anything to renew and refresh that spirit in us to keep that Halo bright and firm. Thank you for your example and your good heart!! If you ever get lost on a highway up north, we have plenty of space here in Lethbridge! And are only 40 min. across the Montana boarder! May God Bless you and keep you safe! Love, Margaret

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