Gimli Welcomes You to Kansas

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I get excited about the state of Kansas because of its wide, rolling plains. But for me, it was monumental because it meant I was starting the last half of my tire mission. 

Me, Jan, Negash and Keith

I was hoping my recipient would be memorable (although, actually, they all were), and I was not disappointed. My hosts, Jan and Keith, introduced me to Negash. Keith worked with refugees from around the world, and this young man was one of them. He hailed from Ethiopia, which was of special interest to me. I’d lived near Addis Ababa for a year as a little girl in the 1960’s when my father worked on an engineering assignment there. 

Besides chatting about how Addis Ababa had changed over the years, Negash told me the story of his life there and his coming to the U.S. He’d been through a great deal, and I was honored the next day to purchase a new set of tires for him. I wanted the next leg of his life-journey to be a safe one.

Tire just over the hill on my road!

Visiting one of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s-House on the Prairie was a dream come true. It brought back fun memories of reading these wonderful stories to my girls. I came over a hill and found a tire in the middle of road. I moved it out of the way. And continued on to Kansas City to visit the Temple.

Kansas City Missouri Temple

If you’d like to leave a comment – and I so hope you do – will you tell us about a time when you were inspired by someone else’s life story? While we’ve all read biographies of famous people that made us want to go out and live larger, let’s not discount the “ordinary” people who bag our groceries or clean our teeth. We are, after all on a journey made uniquely for us.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner