Gimli Welcomes You to Iowa

Welcome back to Tire Mom! By September 1, 2018, I reached my goal of five states and five sets of tires in one week. YES!!!!!

Me and Bob

Bob, Tire Mom #30, was a treat for two reasons. One, he was the son of Beth, my best friend from childhood. I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that once I make a friend, that person is in my life forever. Beth and I went so far back, we could name the TV shows we watched together as kids. Gifting her boy was particularly special.

And, two, Bob was just finishing his senior year in college. He was about to set out on the next phase of his journey, and now he would do that safely. I then of course educated the whole family on the Tire Halo and the other important information I’d garnered over 30 states.

Japanese Room
Dutch Room

They returned the favor by showing me a blast of a time that Memorial Day weekend. I got to experience the Hotel Pattee – my first experience with a destination hotel – and took me on bicycle rides over the High Trestle Trailhead Bridge, which provides you with panoramic views of the Des Moines River Valley from six viewing platforms. 

Gimli, Me, Beth and Hank
Beth and Me

I have to say, though, that one of the best parts of that weekend, aside from reconnecting with the oldest of friends, was NOT DRIVING! I still had miles to go, but the break was healing and refreshing. 

Me and Beth

If you want to comment – and please do – tell us about the oldest friend you have. Were you buddies in grade school? Got each other through high school? Bonded in college? Whoever that is, I wish you many more years in happy relationship.

With Friends!!!!!

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner