Gimli Welcomes You to North Dakota

Welcome back to Tire Mom! My drive to North Dakota put 650 more miles on Wolverine and took me 9 hours and 40 minutes – my longest single trek. To add to the fun, a huge rain storm moved across the plains and dumped buckets on me. Although the speed limit was 80 MPH, there was no way I was driving that fast!

So Beautiful

But when the storm passed, the clouds showed me their best stuff, and I was reminded of my love of driving in those wide-open spaces. In spite of the plethora of bugs on the windshield …

Me and Mak

Needless to say, I didn’t go straight to a tire store on arrival. But the next day, some local Bishops connected me with Tire Mom #31, Mak from Nigeria. I always loved gifting our friends from foreign countries, but Mak upped the joy. The night before, his wife had given birth to twins. Mak had some precious cargo to carry, and now he’d start their little journeys on safe wheels. I felt like he’d given me a present. 

Cool Museum!
Inside Museum

If you want to comment – and I sure hope you do – will you tell us what you do when someone you care about brings a new life into the world? Is there a special gift (it doesn’t have to be tires!)? A tradition? Or perhaps certain words you write on that baby card. Makes you feel like a part of their lives, doesn’t it?

Finding Peace and Strength in the House of the Lord

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner