Gimli Welcomes You to Washington
This helicopter ride over..
these mountains!!!!!!!

Welcome back to Tire Mom! When I was in Washington, I visited Spokane, Mose Lake and Lake Chelan, all inhabited by dear friends and family. But the biggest kick was flying by . . . wait for it . . . helicopter to Stehekin. Exhilarating, to say the least. And those peaks you see from afar? They really are pointy!

Me and Anna
Me and Hatti and her son

My final Washington destination, however, was Seattle, where I met Anna, Tire Mom #33. She had inherited a car from her father, which goes easy on the wallet but not so easy on the tires. Hers showed no real signs of wear, but an inspection of the Tire Halo revealed that they were past due age-wise for replacement. We got her a good deal, and I was grinning as I took my place in line to pay for them.

Ahead of me, a young woman was talking about the even better deal she got on the new set she was purchasing. I was impressed with the way she’d done her homework, so I did some quick mental math and realized that I still had enough of the money I’d set aside for Washington to cover this gal’s tires as well. I introduced myself to Hattie, who then told me she was buying them for her son Elijah’s car. Even. Better. Two women left that day with brand new, very safe tires and money still in their purses. I decided to call Hattie Tire Mom 33+. 

Me and My Sister Penny on a Ferry Ride
Love the Clam Chowder!!!

If you want to comment – and you know we here at Tire Mom hope you do – will you tell us about a time you served from your overflow? When you had some extra and you gifted it to someone else? You’re probably far more generous than you realize.

Spokane Temple with Camilla and Jonah
Very interesting Visitor Center!

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner