I love window seats!

Welcome back to Tire Mom! On September 12, 2018 I was off to Alaska. Obviously, I had to fly there, which gave me an overview of the majesty of that massive state. But I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Over the next three days, in the company of friends from Clayton’s University of Michigan days, I saw and was in awe of Anchorage, Soldatna (on the Kenai Peninsula) and Homer (farther down the peninsula). The natural beauty in that great northern state truly did take my breath away. I felt as if God were pouring goodness into the fiber of my being.

Me, Dora and Mom

Meeting Tire Mom #34, Dora, was like whipped icing on that Alaska cake. She and her mom were clearly a great team, and they brought me on board when I offered to buy them new tires. The ones Dora was currently driving on barely had tread on them, and there was almost no need to read the Tire Halo except that I wanted them to know about it. Winter comes early in that part of the country, and now they were safe to drive those sometimes treacherous roads. 

I was sorry to have to leave those vast views and great expanse of gorgeous mountains and volcanos. In fact, I vowed to go back. I can never get enough of that kind of beauty.

So much beauty up there in AK!

Want to comment? Tell us about a place that had a profound effect on you, so much so that you’re longing to return to it. Or maybe you already have. In any case …

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner