Gimli Welcomes You to Oregon

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Oregon was next on my agenda, and after visiting with life-long friends and some family in Portland, I drove down to Eugene. It’s a college town, and my Tire Mom #35 was the wife of a grad student. 

Me and Laura

If you’ve been following my journey, you know that I am no stranger to having a husband in school, not to mention raising kids at the same time. So, yeah, I related to Laura and couldn’t wait to buy her a new set of tires. That didn’t meet ALL the challenges that young family was facing, but it was at least one they could check off the long list.  

Hobbit House
Lois’s Hobbit Bedroom

I had a list, too, so I had to leave the next day. But I still tried to savor the time I had there – finding a Hobbit House with friend Lois (who actually had a Hobbit bedroom in her home where I slept, feeling as if I were beneath the protective leaves in the Shire), eating lemongrass soup, and discovering that Lois and I were 12th cousins. Twelfth. I was learning that we are all connected in one way or another.

Lemon Grass Soup with Lois-New Cousin
Me and Known Cousin Chris

It’s comment time. Will you tell us about a younger person whose current life you could relate to in your own memories? Have you offered help in some way? If not – what’s stopping you? Those who have “been there” are in the best position to pass on wisdom and empathy. (If not tires!)

Strength and Peace at the Portland Oregon Temple

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner