Gimli Welcomes You to Idaho

Welcome back to Tire Mom! As I’ve said many times, driving through stunning beauty fills my soul. I see goodness. I feel hope. Those were huge and important things for me along the way. The trip from Portland, Oregon, to Rexburg, Idaho, outdid itself in providing stunning views: the majestic Columbia River, the Columbia Plateau, the Blue Mountains, Snake River. Giving people tires was the mission, but being in the vast, imaginative work of our Creator was the reward. 

Meridan Temple
Perrine Bridge, Idaho

My Tire Mom in Idaho (#36) was my own Camilla, daughter number four, who was studying nursing at BYU Idaho. While she was in class, I reconnected with friends and drove to the western entrance to Yellowstone. I didn’t have time to go into the park, but I just had to look at it again. It was a favorite camping spot for us when Clayton and I took the kids on road trips. 

Camilla and Me
Donnette, me and Teresa

The next day I was going to take a one-day trip to Wyoming. It struck me that all of this planning and traveling and driving for hours at a time had become simply a part of who I was and what I did. Hang out in Idaho for a few days, run on over to Wyoming real quick? Come back in time for church Sunday?

Aaaahhh Yellowstone:) Happy Place
Rexburg Temple- Me and Camilla

If you’d like to post – and I hope you do – will you tell us about something that seemed daunting when you started, but became so very you? If you haven’t actually started . . . why not? You never know what the rewards will be.

Square Ice Cream

Stay safe,