Gimli Welcomes You to Montana

Welcome back to Tire Mom! If I ever thought the world was a self-serving place, I certainly don’t think that after taking my tire journey. Most people are far more helpful than we realize.

They grow the bugs big in MT
Me and Eric

Take the shuttle driver in Billings, Montana, for instance. When I arrived there, I had to take Wolverine, my Suburban, in to have an airbag sensor replaced. The driver at the dealership took me to the tire store to meet Eric, Tire Mom #32.  En route, that same driver filled me in on the important points of interest to catch while I was in the area. He didn’t have to do either of those things. 

But Eric was my designated recipient. He was my fourth daughter’s roommate’s friend – if you can sort that out … although I’d had more complicated degrees of separation than that along the way! His tires were ticking-bomb old, and I took great satisfaction in replacing them for him.

Wonderful Place to Visit!

Since that was such an easy transaction (Montana folks are great) I still had time to visit the shuttle-driver-recommended Pompey’s National Park where Lewis and Clark rested along their way. Beautiful spot on the Yellowstone River.

Our family favorite Dutch Store!

If you want to post a comment – and, as always, I hope you do – can you tell us about an act of kindness you’ve received along your way? Collecting those moments restores our faith in the inherent goodness of people.

This Temple was on my bucket list!

Stay safe,

 Diana Hubner