My mission as the Tire Mom is to protect individuals and families by educating people on little-known but life-saving elements of tire safety.

For twenty-seven years, I was an ordinary stay-at-home mother of five. Then on Father’s Day, June 17, 2012, my world shattered when a tragic automobile accident killed her husband, Dr. W. Clayton Hubner Jr., a successful professor and businessman. He had borrowed a truck for a ten-day road trip, not knowing that two of the tires were more than 10 years old. Because of the age of the tires, the tread on one of tires separated under normal driving conditions and came off, causing the automobile to swerve off the highway and causing a fatal accident.

Although this was a devastating loss, it led me on an incredible mission to learn more about tire safety and to save lives with that information.

Following my mantra of “if you’re hurting, you help and then you heal”, I decided to drive to each U.S. state (flying to Alaska and Hawaii) and to buy someone a new set of tires in each state and educate myself and others along the way.