We Welcomes You to Las Vegas

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Las Vegas has a limited reputation, but I have to say, even as a non-gambler and clubber, I found a great deal to enjoy there.

Me and Chrisy
Me, Tasha and Eric

First of all, of course, was my Tire Mom #39. Chrisy was a delightful woman who in return for a new set of tires helped me find my way around the city. There is a great deal more to it than the Strip. My niece Tasha and her husband Eric were the ones who connected me with Christy, and when I saw them to report that all had gone great, and of course checked their Tire Halo, I discovered they could use new ones as well. Another +1! As it turned out, they weren’t going to be the last ones on the receiving end in Las Vegas, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

The next day as I wandered around, taking in all the glitz and sparkle, I went to the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and took the obligatory pictures. But it was what I discovered behind it that formed a soft spot in my heart for the town. Crosses for Losses is an organization that provides white crosses for the victims of mass shootings. The group, founded by Greg Zanis, had placed 58 crosses there as a memorial to those victims who had lost their lives in the mass shooting at a music festival one year earlier. Once again I was taken by the ways people deal with their loses and try to find meaning in them. I felt a deep kinship with those who mourned them.

Tread that came off of someones tire.

As I was getting back into Wolverine, I glanced at the side of the road and noticed that a tire tread was just sitting there from someones tire. I stood there, stunned. There I was, on a mission to educate people about old tires and how to keep themselves and their families safe – and this random tire was just sitting there. That doesn’t end the irony. As I headed out to purchase new ones, I saw the sign for those exiting Vegas: “Drive Carefully and Come Back.” Yes, Diana. Do that.

If you want to post – and I sure hope you do – can you tell us about a “mission” of sorts you’ve been on, only to realize you’d left YOURSELF out of it? Did you shop for clothes for everybody and realize you didn’t have a thing to wear? Take food to a needy family and come home to find nothing in your frig? Yeah, it’s good to remember that we’re to love our neighbors, as ourselves.

More strength and peace at the Las Vegas Nevada Temple

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner