Gimli Welcomes You to CA

Welcome back to Tire Mom! The three and a half hour drive from Vegas to Newport Beach, California, was worth it, just to see my college roommate Julia who I hadn’t seen in 40 years. I’d never met her husband or their beautiful daughter, Jen, who became Tire Mom #40. Jen is a competent and capable young woman who works at a local college. Like many busy women, she hadn’t thought about the wear on her tires, and it was considerable. Most of us do excel at something, and at the same time have those forgotten spots. I was happy to fill Jen’s.

Me, Jen and Julia

That weekend friend Lynda and I went on a wonderful walk on the beach. I reflected that just 10 weeks before, Gimli and I were strolling on the sands of the Atlantic coast, and here I was on the Pacific. I’d driven the entire way and – another realization – I’d gone as far west as I could go in my car. 

Beach Walk
Me and Lynda

It was time to go east again. 

Love this Place:)

If you want to post – you so do – will you tell us about that one area in your life that just slips your mind, even though you’re capable and competent in so many ways? Do you forget to go to the dentist until you have a tooth ache? Give great parties but can’t get meals on the table seven days a week? Never quite remember what day the garbage guys come? None of us is perfect. Just promise me you’ll put tire care at the top of your list.

Gathering Peace and Strength

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner