Gimli Welcomes You to Colorado

Welcome back to Tire Mom! I loved being in Colorado because as a little girl I traveled all over the state with my family in our VW bus. Naturally I couldn’t resist stopping at the Great Sand Dunes National Park on the eastern edge of the San Luis Valley. I was enchanted by it as a child and took Clayton there in later years. 

Me and Aunt Frankie
Me, Aunt Frankie, Brother Don

The amazing thing about the Great Sand Dunes is the fact that right out there in the middle of the desert, some of them reach as high as 750 feet – the tallest dunes in North America. They made me feel very small as a child, and that phenomenon was no different for me as an adult. They are majestic in their way. 

So Beautiful
The Great Sand Dunes
Beautiful Aspen Trees

Tire Mom #43, Kent in Denver, had a really great truck. I do like large vehicles. I was, after all, tooling all over the United States in a Suburban. Kent was also larger than life, and providing a new set of tires for him was my honor. 

Me and Kent

If you want to post a comment – and please do – would you name a time when you were very aware of your own smallness in this world? We are each important —there is no question about that – but what has made you aware of how tiny you are in the grand scheme of things? Was it humbling or frightening? I hope it was the former!

Denver Colorado Temple

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner