Gimli Welcomes You to Oklahoma

Welcome back to Tire Mom! The drive from Denver to Tulsa was a fourteen-hour haul, and I was wiped when I arrived. I was treated to a great Mexican meal and got a good night’s sleep. It’s amazing that often that’s all it takes to restore us.

Dinner with Family

The next day took me to a warehouse store to find the next Tire Mom (#44) and I did. Luba was a single mom, which carries with it so many heavy responsibilities. The tire salesman seemed to sense that too, because as she was picking out her tires, HE showed her how to read the manufacturing date on the sidewall. She was beaming as those 2018 tires went on her car, leaving her with one less burden on her shoulders. As a single mom myself, I could relate.

Me, Luba and Tabatha

Then it was time for some sightseeing, and I took in two of the biggest sights I’ve ever seen. One was the Praying Hands, the largest bronze sculpture in the world, coming in at 60 feet high and weighing 30 tons. It inspires all viewers with the power of prayer. The other was The Golden Driller, located at the Tulsa County Fairgrounds. This guy is a 75-foot oil worker, legs in a confident stance next to an oil rig which he dwarfs. They are proud of their oil folks in Oklahoma, proven by the fact that the thing weighs in at 43,500 pounds. The amazing thing about The Golden Driller is that he has survived many a tornado and almost as many turbulent oil markets. That’s inspiring too.

So Huge and Cool Looking

If you want to post a comment – do, really – will you tell us about what you have survived? We all have a story to tell with our lives, and sharing them helps inspire others to be stronger. And withstand the tornadoes. 


Stay safe,

Diana Hubner