Gimli Welcomes You to Arkansas

Welcome back to Tire Mom! In search of Tire Mom #45 I drove to Hot Springs, Arkansas. To get the lay of the land, so to speak, I went up into the lattice steel Hot Springs Mountain Tower, 1,256 feet above sea level. Actually, I took the elevator to the observation decks which are only 216 feet high, but I could still see 140 miles of beautiful Arkansas countryside. As you know by now, I love National Parks, and the Hot Springs park was visible, as well as the Quachita Mountains. Breathtaking.

Tall Tower
Beautiful and Windy

Next I was off to meet Tire Mom #45, Aliscia, introduced to me by my friend Robin (who had just bought herself a new set of tires.) You’d think the tire gifting would have been “old hat” by that time, but we ran into a snag with Aliscia’s situation. The tire technicians had a difficult time getting one of the tires off because a lug nut was stripped. That definitely had to be taken care of before new tires could be put on. I was so glad I stayed until the job was completely done, and I vowed to from then on, even with only five more sets to go.

Me, Aliscia and Robin
Hot Water:)
Planning my route with my map

If you want to post a comment – and I know you do – will you tell us about a time when seeing a job all the way through was inconvenient but worth the wait? Did some inner voice tell you to stay, maybe a mysterious nudge? I do hope that situation turned out well for you and everyone concerned. 

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Stay safe,

Diana Hubner