Gimli Welcomes You to Louisiana

Welcome back to Tire Mom! You know, our country is nothing if not a place of infinite variety. Being in the Deep South opened my eyes to all kinds of things we don’t find in New York or Ohio or Hawaii. Fried everything. Slow moving and talking. And old tires repurposed for just about anything you can name. My favorite were the swings made to look like horses. Some of them seemed so real they almost ate hay. 

Swing made out of a tire:)

And that is exactly where I like to see worn tires, serving out their time as toys rather than on people’s cars. John* (Tire Mom #47 in Bossier City, Louisiana) added his old ones to the pile for potential craft projects when I bought him a set and had them put on his car right away

Mmmm Good!!!!

If you’ll recall in yesterday’s post about Dallas, each of us should at least try to make a difference, whether it’s by supplying the needs of people one set of tires at a time, fashioning a swing for a child who has very little fun in his life or simply sharing your story in the hope that it will inspire another person to give something a try.

Fun stuff to see!

If you want to post a comment – and I hope I’ve inspired you to – will you tell us how sharing your story has built a small fire under someone else? Don’t forget to stop and experience the sense of satisfaction that comes from that. Help is the one thing we gain from giving it away.

Souvenirs Galor

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner