Gimili Welcomes You to Mississippi

I knew when I left Louisiana that I wanted to take the Natchez Trace Parkway that stretches 440 miles from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee. So glad I did that. The route is a treasure, much like the Colonial Parkway between Jamestown and Yorktown Virginia, which Clayton and the kids and I loved when we lived in Williamsburg. Freeways are great for getting there. Roads like the Natchez Trace are great for enjoying the ride. 

So Gorgeous
Love Driving on this Road
Trails that go on forever:)

The Parkway took me to Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley, where I stopped to linger in the museum erected there in his honor. I tried to see as many memorials as I could on my trip, because somehow paying tribute to people who made a difference with their lives not only made me feel closer to Clayton put affirmed the tribute I was paying with tires in every state in the country. 

So fun to see!
Elvis’s First Home

My last stop in Mississippi was Booneville where I met Tire Mom #48, Trevor. His mother was a friend of mine in New York and although I’d never met him before, by the time we finished replacing his retreads with new treads, I felt as if I had. Kind, gracious. And speaking of tributes – he is a tribute to his generation. 

Trevor and Me

If you want to post a comment – I’d love it if you did – will you remark on your favorite road – perhaps that off-the-beaten track two-lane that leads to your favorite diner with the amazing lemon meringue pie or maybe a stretch of Interstate that winds through a mountain range? Even if it’s the lane that leads to your front door, tell us about it. We are each of us on a road to somewhere.

Planning my route.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner