Gimli Welcomes You to Florida
So Cool!!!

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Florida was my last mainland state. Talk about a combination of feelings and thoughts. I was a tiny bit sad to be nearly at the end of what had turned out to be a life-changing journey, yet I was also drained and at the same time elated.

Writing Postcard is here.
Owl Post!

And what better way to let those feelings settle and shake themselves out than spending a whole day in Hogwarts and Hogsmeade? Lest you think I was losing my mind at that point in the trip, we’re talking Universal Studios here. I even wrote some postcards to my children in the Three Broomsticks and mailed them by Owl Post. I was then ready to meet Tire Mom #49. 

Becky, Sheri, Lee and Me
Smiles Everywhere:)

Becky, a cousin somehow removed was a lovely recipient. Seeing new, safe tires replace old worn ones removed any toll the journey had taken on me in weariness, traffic angst – all of it. I love how we can forget the price we’ve paid when the blessing is so priceless. 

Love the Temple!!!

If you’d like to post a comment – and why not? – will you tell us your favorite “other world”? The place you retreat to when you know you’re wearing down and need to revive and refresh. Maybe that café that reminds you of a Hobbit house, or that big tree out in the back that lets you imagine you’re Louisa May Alcott up there reading – even your big comfy chair for just one more viewing of The Lord of the Rings. Ah, we discover so much about our real-world selves in such places.

So Magical!

Stay Safe,

Diana Hubner