Gimli on the Big Island of Hawaii

Welcome back to Tire Mom! Can this really be the last post recounting my journey – and yours with me – to all 50 states? That was the way I felt when I deplaned in Hilo, Hawaii, to buy the fiftieth (plus a few) set of tires. I knew many people in the Islands, since Clayton and I had spent the last years of our marriage there before he was killed in the accident. 

Me, Eric and Daniel

My brother-in-law Eric was Tire Mom #50. A true helper of folks in the rural areas, Eric needed exceptional tires to eliminate all the time when he ended up, literally, as a stick-in-the-mud. Because so many people were beloveds in Hawaii, I made it a point to visit as many as possible to at least educate them on the Tire Halo. Everywhere I went, including Oahu, I spread the word …

Daniel, Me, Eric and Patricia
Such an amazing view!

    AND, of course, ate amazing food, visited the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and watched the sunset from 9,000 feet from the Mauna Kea Observatory. Still, the most special time was spent on the beaches where I had so many beautiful memories of Clayton and our family. I tell the complete story of what happened in my soul that last day on the shore in my upcoming book The Tire Mom: My Highway to Healing. For now, let’s just say it was a joyful, satisfying ending to that part of my whole life journey. There is so much more to come, and I will continue to share that with you here on the Tire Mom blog. 

If you want to post a comment – and I’ve never wanted you to more – will you tell us what, if any, part of this trip together has given you something to think about? If we’ve brought you even a few steps further on whatever positive path you’re on, then indeed we have made a difference. And for that I am grateful.

Stay safe,

Diana Hubner